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Cassava Starch Powder

  • Cassava Starch Powder

Product Name: Cassava Starch Powder

Botanic Name: Manihot Esculenta


Manihot esculenta, commonly called cassava, manioc, yuca, macaxeira, mandioca, aipim, and agbeli, is a woody shrub native to South America of the spurge family, Euphorbiaceae. Although a perennial plant, cassava is extensively cultivated as an annual crop in tropical and subtropical regions for its edible starchy tuberous root, a major source of carbohydrates.  Cassava starch substantial quantities are used to extract cassava starch, which is used for food, cosmetics and industrial. 

USAGE:-Widely used as thickener and viscosity enhancer in various personal care products. Excellent texture in face powders providing smooth and silky velvety feel. Mitigates heavy unpleasant and greasy feel of oils, esters & waxes. Can replace talc in formulas. Add as is to formula, preferentially to water phase. No heating is required.

>Typical use level is 2 – 12% depending on desired viscosity. For external use only.
>Applications: Body & makeup powders, antiperspirants, colour cosmetics, creams, lotions, eye cosmetics, liquid makeup, liquid talc.
>Country of Origin: South America
>GMO: GMO-free
>CAS: 68989-12-8
>Vegan: Does not contain animal-derived components
>INCI Name: Manihot Esculenta

Cassava Starch Powder

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