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Broom Genet Floral Wax

  • Broom Genet Floral Wax

Product Name: Broom Genet Floral Wax


Broom Genet Floral Wax lends a wonderful, strong broom genet floral aroma to scent the creams, salve, balms and lotions. The color varies from batch to batch, it's usually light cream to light yellow. Floral waxes are plant waxes made from flowers. During production waxes are not added, the resulting wax is a result of separation of the concrete as explained below. Floral waxes are usually produced from delicate flowers in order to retain their fragrance. Freshly picked, carefully selected flower heads are mixed with a solvent to produce a concrete. When mixed with a high proof alcohol and then chilled, the concrete separates into a fragrant liquid and a waxy solid is left behind called floral wax. Floral waxes are less expensive than absolutes and add scent and color to creams, balms, salves and lotions. 

Recommended use rate is up to 5% to 10%.

Melt the floral wax over very low heat and add it to your recipe. Floral waxes work well to enhance and scent a lip balm, lotion, creams, cosmetic formulations or other body product. Recommended use rate is up to 5% to 10%.

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