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Broom Janet Absolute 3%

  • Broom Janet  Absolute 3%

Product Name: Broom Janet Absolute 3%

Botanic Name: Spartium junceum


Brooms belong to the group of evergreen, semi-evergreen, and deciduous shrubs of the legume family fabaceae. It is found in sunny sites, generally on dry, sandy soils and has leafless stems that are covered in profuse golden-yellow flowers in spring and summer. Botanical Name: Spartium junceum, Grade: Perfumery, Note: Middle Aroma: Sweet, honey/hay-like aroma, with herbal tea and tobacco notes Color: Dark Yellow to Brown Multiple Application Candle, Soap, Perfumery etc.

Our Broom Genet Oil is a gold soft waxy mass (becoming a pourable liquid with gentle heat) displaying a rich, sweet, honey, fruity-floral bouquet with a delicate coumarinyl (hay- like)/herbaceous undertone of good tenacity. This unique and complex oil works well in new mown-hay, complex herbal bouquets, high class floral bases(cassie, violet, mimosa, honeysuckle, tuberose and rose), geographical perfumes, literary essences.

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