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Behman Safed (Centaurea Behen) Powder

  • Behman Safed (Centaurea Behen) Powder

Product Name: Behman Safed (Centaurea Behen) Powder

Botanic Name: Centaurea Behen


Behman Safed (Centaurea Behen) Powder is a species of Centaurea that grows in the wild under full sun in northern Iraq and Armenia and in many other areas of Western and Central Asia with a roughly similar environment, stretching from Lebanon to Kazakhstan. The plant has multiple thick roots. The roots have a brown skin on the outside and a white colour internally. The roots come to commerce in a dried form, looking shrivelled, and then are ground to a powder, and used for several traditional herbal medicine purposes. The roots are called Behman Safed, also known as White Behmen, Safaid Behmen, in Ayurvedic Indian medicine.The plant is grown under cultivation in northern India for the medicinal use of its roots.

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