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Ashwagandha Root Extract S.E. 2.5%

  • Ashwagandha Root Extract S.E. 2.5%

Product Name: Ashwagandha Root Extract S.E. 2.5%

Botanic Name: Withania Somnifera


Ashwagandha is a plant which has long been used medicinally. It is used in traditional Indian and African medicine as an anti-inflammatory, for fever relief, and against infectious disease. It also appears to inhibit swelling and aid memory and can act as a general health tonic. Ashwagandha also relaxes blood vessels and stimulates circulation. Ashwagandha is used to restore male libido, cure impotence and increase male fertility.

Here are some of the uses: -Act as an anti-inflammatory agent -Helps to reduce swellings and restores the blood supply -Improves energy -Sharpens brain power -Stop arthritis pain -Reduce cholesterol -Reduce belly fat -Reduce tension headaches.

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