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Aromatherapy Starter Kit

  • Aromatherapy Starter Kit

Product Name: Aromatherapy Starter Kit

Botanic Name: Aromatherapy Starter Kit


Beginner or pro to aromatherapy or just curious about essential oils, This sample kit is the perfect for introducing to the wide world of essential oils and aromatherapy. This starter kit contains 7 of our most popular essential oils that will get you started with aromatherapy.

• Bergamot calabrian / Citrus bergamia • Eucalyptus globulus 80 / 85% • Lavender French / Lavandula angustifolia • Lemon / Citrus limon (L) Burm. • Frankincense / Boswellia serrata • Tea tree Australian / Melaleuca alternifolia • Peppermint supreme / Mentha piperita

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