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Butterscotch Lip Balm Flavor Oil

  • Butterscotch Lip Balm Flavor Oil

Product Name: Butterscotch Lip Balm Flavor Oil

Botanic Name: Lip Balm Flavor Oil


Butterscotch has a rich, buttery scent that appeals to the sense of taste as well as smell. This flavor is oil soluble and perfect for use in lip balms, lip glosses or lipsticks. It is made from all natural flavor constituents. All flavor oils are tasteless but are specifically formulated with scents that trick the brain into thinking that it is tasting a specific flavor when you are actually smelling it. Artificial sweeteners are usually added to lip balm flavors to give the sweet taste. This flavor is unsweetened and would require the addition of a sweetener to achieve full flavor and taste.

We recommend adding between 1% to 3% maximum.

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