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Honeysuckle Flowers

  • Honeysuckle Flowers

Product Name: Honeysuckle Flowers

Botanic Name: Lonicera Japonica


There are three main parts of the honeysuckle plant that are used medicinally: the flowers, the flower buds, and the stems.

The flowers are traditionally used to make syrup that has been used as an expectorant for bad coughs, asthma, and as a diuretic. The syrup from honeysuckle flowers is still used to make medicinal syrup. The flowers of the honeysuckle plant should be harvested in the summertime. The flower buds of the honeysuckle plant are also used to make herbal remedies. In traditional Chinese medicine, the flower buds are very important. They are called jin yin hua and are used widely to treat feverish conditions.

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