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  • Alpha-Arbutin

Product Name: Alpha-Arbutin

Botanic Name: Alpha-Arbutin


Alpha-Arbutin (4- Hydroxyphenyl+D-glucopyranoside) is a pure, water soluble, biosynthetic active ingredient. Alpha-Arbutin blocks epidermal melanin synthesis by inhibiting enzymatic oxidation of Tyrosine and Dopa. Arbutin appears to have fewer side effects than hydroquinone at similar concentrations - presumably due to the more gradual release. It is the more effective, faster and safer approach to promoting skin-brightening and an even skin tone on all skin types. Alpha-Arbutin also minimizes liver spots and meets all the requirements of a modern skin-brightening and skin depigmentation product.

Alpha-Arbutin is water soluble and easily incorporated into the water phase of cosmetic formulations. It is stable against hydrolysis as tested in the pH range from 3.5 - 6.6.

Suggested Use: 0.2% when formulated with an exfoliant or penetration enhancer, otherwise up to 2%.

Alpha-Arbutin is external use only. 

INCI: Alpha-Arbutin

CAS No: 84380-01-8

NOTE: Appearance may be powder crystals or solids.


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