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Laurel Wax

  • Laurel Wax

Product Name: Laurel Wax

Botanic Name: Myrica Pubescens


A vegetable wax obtained from the fruit of the Myrica Pubescens and commonly known as laurel wax. The wax is water extracted and greenish-white in color. It is a low melting range, hard wax with a high saponification value, and has the feel of soap when handled. It is useful in the development of natural cosmetics and personal care products. In skin care applications, Laurel Wax contributes to a glossy, rich, creamy feel and is considered quite stable.
Vegetable Derived
Water extracted
Suitable for Natural Cosmetics
"Solid" oil which brings emolliency without greasiness.
Brings creaminess with a rich skin feel to formulas - particularly to sticks*.
Increases o/w emulsions viscosity without additional drag.
Softens the stick penetrations, increasing the pay off without changing the stability of the Control formula at higher temperatures.
Excellent skin feel adjuster.
Can be used as a Beeswax substitute for Vegan or Animal ingredient free formulas.
*Reference to our lipsticks study SP 1-49A

Lip Balms
Lip Stick
Hair Pomade
Creams and Lotions

Laurel Wax is compatible with most vegetable and mineral waxes, as well as vegetable oils, mineral oils and petrolatum's.
Laurel Wax Properties:
Color Green
Melting Point 35.0°C - 45.0°C
Penetration 7-16
Acid Value 5-25
Saponification Value 210-240

INCI Name: Myrica Pubescens Fruit Wax
CAS # 1173925-95-5
Laurel Wax is considered Gluten Free
Strahl and Pitsch would like to confirm that no pesticides are used in areas where the crude Laurel Wax is harvested.
Country of Origin: USA
Origin: Laurel Tree Fruit Latin
Extraction Process: Water Extraction

Laurel Wax

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