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Rosemary Macerated Herbal Oil ORGANIC

  • Rosemary Macerated Herbal Oil ORGANIC

Product Name: Rosemary Macerated Herbal Oil ORGANIC

Botanic Name: Rosmarinus Officinalis


Rosemary plant has leaves like flat pine needles. It has been used medicinally for several thousand years, and its leaves were traditionally burned to purify the air. Rosemary was considered sacred by the Egyptians, Hebrews, Greeks, and Romans, and was used in the Middle Ages to ward off evil spirits. Rosemary herbal oil is made with 100% pure organic rosemary and virgin organic olive oil.

Rosemary herbal oil has a clear, refreshing herbal smell. The herbal oil is extracted from the fresh and dry flowering tops through heat maceration process. Rosemary oil is considered as Antioxidant because of its entire body-strengthening ability to heal sensitive organs like the liver, heart, and brain. Rosemary herbal oil has been used for the following reasons:- Anti-inflammatory, Antioxidant, Anti-acne, Hair Growth, Cellulite, Stretch marks, Anti-dandruff, Boost Immunity, Increase Circulation and Indigestion.

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