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Botanic Name: Teucrium chamaedrys


The Common or Wall Germander (Teucrium Chamaedrys) is a native of many parts of Europe, the Greek Islands and also of Syria, being found near Jerusalem, but in England is scarce and hardly indigenous being chiefly found on the ruins of old buildings and in other places where it has escaped from cultivation. It was formerly much cultivated in this country for medicinal purposes.

Stimulant, tonic, diaphoretic, diuretic. Germander acts as a slight aperient, as well as a tonic.

The reputation of Germander as a specific for gout is of very old date, the Emperor Charles V having been cured by a decoction of this herb taken for sixty days in succession.

It has been employed in various forms and combinations, of which the once celebrated Portland Powder is one of the chief instances.

It was also used as a tonic in intermittent fevers, and is recommended for uterine obstructions.

The expressed juice of the leaves, with the addition of white wine, is held to be good in obstruction of the viscera.

Possessing qualities nearly allied to those of Horehound, a decoction of the green herb, taken with honey, has been found useful in asthmatic affections and coughs, being recommended for this purpose by Dioscorides. The decoction has also been given to relieve dropsy in its early stages.

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