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PEACH LEAVES Cut and Sifted

  • PEACH LEAVES Cut and Sifted

Product Name: PEACH LEAVES Cut and Sifted

Botanic Name: Prunus Persica


Diuretic, expectorant, laxative, sedative. Peach leaves will stimulate. the flow of urine, and their mildly sedative properties may be helpful for various nervous conditions.

As an expectorant, they can be used for chronic bronchitis and chest congestion. Peach leaves also help to relieve vomiting and morning sickness during pregnancy, but their dosage must be regulated to avoid excessive laxative action. Powdered dried leaves have sometimes been used to help heal sores and wounds. Mildly toxic due to cyanogenic glycosides (containing cyanide), a reputed anti-cancer agent found also in Apricot kernals.

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