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Botanic Name: Acacia catechu

The Acacia tree is indigenous to the Nile area, Ethiopia, East Africa, Angola, Mozambique, South Africa, Arabia, Iran, Afghanistan, and India. It grows to about seventy feet with hard, woody, rusty-brown coloured bark and feathery leaves. It produces small, bright yellow flower heads and pods up to six inches long. The bark is collected from plants that are at least seven years old and then left to mature for a year. The Australian species, Black Wattle, is commercially available under the same name as Acacia. The two are used interchangeably. The US has several species, but A. angustissim is the only thornless variety

Lotions for bleeding gums; Ggargles for sore throats; Wash for eczema and wounds; Eyewash for conjunctivitis; Douche for excessive vaginal discharge; Enemas for hemorrhoids; Decoctions for diarrhea; Mouthwash for gum disease and oral inflammations.

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