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Gentian Root P.E. 4:1

  • Gentian Root P.E. 4:1

Botanic Name: Gentiana Lutea


Gentian root is an extremely bitter herb from the Gentianaceae family of flowering plants. Plants in the Gentian family are characterized by rhizomes and roots which often contain bitter principals. They are also often cultivated as ornamental plants. Gentian's yellowish roots have been used in traditional herbal medicine for centuries, its medicinal value recorded by Pliny the Elder, the ancient Roman naturalist. Gentian roots and rhizomes are harvested during the fall, and then dried for some time. Its taste is initially sweet, followed by being very bitter. Aside from being a popular bitter tonic, gentian root is often used in various liquors, and the extract, an ingredient in natural remedies.

Most of the benefits of gentian root revolve around this herb's ability to stimulate and to

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