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Floral Waters

Floral Waters

Floral waters are the waters that can be produced simply by adding your essential oil or absolutes in to distilled water. Floral waters has a pleasant fragrance like natural hydrosols. Floral waters are another way to get benefits from essential oils. There are variety of benefits of floral waters ranging from body care to cooking. They can be used as skin toners after cleansing and can be added to face masks and hair masks in place of normal water. In baths they can be used as natural perfumes and in bed sheets to delicate fragrance. We can also use them in homemade beauty products. They can be replaced with commercial air fresheners because of their pleasant fragrance.

These are appearing to be perfectly acceptable by Aroma Therapists as real hydrosols. Floral waters are mainly available in the large markets, health food stores and at online stores from the companies who produce them. Botanic Planet is a great online store for buying premium quality floral waters. All of our floral waters are extremely versatile.

Buy premium quality Floral Waters in Canada and USA

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