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Rose De Mai Floral Water (EGYPT)

  • Rose De Mai Floral Water (EGYPT)

Product Name: Rose De Mai Floral Water (EGYPT)

Botanic Name: Rosa Centifolia

Our Floral Waters are produced by adding essential oils or absolutes to water. The finished product contains essential oil and has a pleasant fragrance similar to a natural hydrosol. Our floral waters are extremely versatile. They can be added to your creams and lotions instead of water, or alternatively employed as an aromatic face or body spritz. They are an excellent linen spray and a simple way for the aroma therapist to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of essential oils. This is appearing to be perfectly acceptable by aroma therapist as real hydrosols.

Our hydro-sols can be used in toners, creams, lotions, body sprays, room sprays and in place of water in most formulations. The hydrosol will impart both fragrance and therapeutic benefits to your products. Hydro-sols are also wonderful when used as wetting agents in clay facials. An anti-bacterial preservative will be needed to preserve your products that contain hydro-sols.
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