Melissa Leaf Floral Water

  • Melissa Leaf Floral Water

Product Name: Melissa Leaf Floral Water

Botanic Name: Melissa officinalis

The distillation of plant products produces essential oil and hydrosol. Hydrosol is the distilled plant waters or "water solution from the steam distillation process. A common example is rose water or orange water. The hydrosol contains all of the water soluble components from the plant material, employed as an aromatic face or body spritz. They are an excellent body spray and a simple way for the aromatherapist to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of essential oils.

Hydrosols can be used in toners, creams, lotions, body sprays, room sprays and in place of water in most formulations. The hydrosol will impart both fragrance and therapeutic benefits to your products. Hydrosols are also wonderful when used as wetting agents in clay facials. An anti-bacterial preservative will be needed to preserve your products that contain hydrosols.

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