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Malva Dried Flowers

  • Malva Dried Flowers

Product Name: Malva Dried Flowers

Botanic Name: Malva Sylvestris

Leaves are edible. Leaf or root tea soothing to irritated membranes, especially of digestive system; also used for coughs, bronchitis, stomachaches; anti-inflammatory, laxative, demulcent, mildly astringent. Useful in irritation of the gastro-intestinal system. Large doses are gently purgative. Externally may be used as a soothing poultice. Its supposed sedative effect is unproven.
In China, the leaves and flowers have been used as an expectorant, a gargle for sore throats, and a mouthwash. Diuretic properties are also attributed to the plant and it is said to be good for the stomach and spleen. Other Malva species are used similarly. Several species exist, including those with blue or black flowers. Also called "Mallow," and is similar in action to Marshmallow (Althea officinalis). Parts Used: leaf and flowers
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