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Oregon Grape Root Herbal Oil

  • Oregon Grape Root Herbal Oil

Product Name: Oregon Grape Root Herbal Oil

Botanic Name: Berberis Aquifolium


Oregon grape (Berberis aquifolium) grows on the west coast of North America, from BC to northern California. It has yellow flowers, purple berries, and leathery leaves that resemble holly. It is not related to grape; however, the name "Oregon grape" originated from its purple clusters of berries that resemble grapes. It is a close relative of barberry(Berberis vulgaris and Berberis aristica)

Oregon grape root is a natural antibiotic. It produces the same powerful alkaloid, berberine, which give other herbal antibiotics such as goldenseal and golden thread their yellowish color. Other plants in Oregon Grape’s family, Berberidaceae, have smaller amounts of berberine in their stems. Oregon Grape is ideal for treating wounds by keeping it free from disease and swelling. Tincture can be dabbed on an injury after it's been cleaned. Contaminated eye conditions, for example, conjunctivitis can be dealt with by topically applying a solution. Ointment made with Oregon grape root herbal oil or oil alone is an incredible to each family's medical aid kit. Oregon grape tincture, calendula tincture and echinacea tincture diluted with water is used in infected wounds and minor scratches.

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