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Rose Otto Oil Turkey 3%

  • Rose Otto Oil  Turkey 3%

Product Name: Rose Otto Oil Turkey 3%

Botanic Name: Rosa damascena Mill.


3% Turkish Rose Otto Essential Oil has an interesting, wild Rose-sort of smell, with its tart green/zesty notes and delicate, crisp aroma. It is financially evaluated, as well, with the goal that it can be fused into numerous equations and for an extensive variety of employments. this noteworthy pith so eminent for its significant recuperating impacts and orchestrating properties for the body, brain and soul. With their multi-petalled multifaceted nature, it is nothing unexpected that Rose fundamental oils and absolutes are among the smells with the most synthetic many-sided quality. And keeping in mind that a hefty portion of the more than 300 concoction constituents 5 of Rosa damascena are available in minor follow sums, they contribute massively to the great and nuanced scent we know as Rose. It takes around 4500 kilos of new Rose petals to make 1 kilo of Rose Otto. Appearance: Pale yellow, straightforward, portable fluid at temperatures over 70 degrees F. This oil will harden and frame (as do all genuine steam refined Rose oils) translucent or lackluster precious stones of one of its segments – stearoptene – at a temperature beneath 70 degrees Fahrenheit; the oil will cement into a thin glue like mass at much cooler temperatures. This does not modify the nature of the oil, yet rather confirms that it is a genuine Rose Otto. By tenderly rolling the container between your hands, the oil will soon warm and come back to a totally fluid state.

Strength/Ingredients: Rose Otto Essential Oil (Turkey) 3% in Jojoba Oil Clear. 

Turkish Rose Otto Essential Oil Known as the oil of adoration, Rose oil has a profound mental impact as it supports opening of the heart while alleviating the feelings, being particularly valuable for tension and wretchedness. the empathy of the blossom is uncovered through its capacity to recuperate passionate injuries rose oil can touch the most profound misery, reestablishing the assume that makes it conceivable to love once more. Rose Otto is more strong than Rose absolutes, so you can utilize a littler add up to accomplish a similar level of scent force.

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