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Botanic Name: Punica Granatum

Anardana or Pomegranate is a truly helpful huge to medium-sized natural product, having a few useful properties. The natural product is devoured as sustenance, juices, flavors, and so on and is utilized much of the time in the planning of various formulas. Anardana has rich medical advantages and aides in curing a few maladies. Anardana is loaded with supplements and phytochemicals and the juice or its aril gives a vast segment of a grown-up's every day vitamin C prerequisite. The organic product is likewise a decent wellspring of vitamin B5 (pantothenic corrosive), potassium and cell reinforcement polyphenols. The wealthiest polyphenols found in Anardana juice are the hydrolysable tannins, otherwise called punicalagins. The punicalagins have free-radical searching properties. They expel free radicals from cells, which helps in keeping up the human cell work in place. The punicalagins are ingested into the human body and have dietary incentive as cancer prevention agents. The other essential phytochemicals found in Anardana incorporate the beta-carotene.
Anardana contains numerous medical advantages, which are valuable for treating different ailments. Distinctive parts of Anardana or Pomegranate are utilized as a part of various treatment strategies. Essentially the foods grown from the ground are utilized as a part of present day restorative arrangements. The skin and root or bark, are likewise utilized as a part of some customary cures. Anardana is for the most part utilized for curing the ailments like prostate tumor, prostates hyperplasia, diabetes, lymphoma, rhinovirus contamination, basic icy, oxidative worry in hemodialysis, atherosclerosis, coronary course sickness, and so forth. The polyphenols of the Anardana juice help in repairing twisted and in reinforcing the resistant framework. They have a mitigating impact, too. Another vital advantage of the Anardana juice is that, it can moderate skin wrinkling. For this property, the natural product has been utilized as a well known fixing in hostile to maturing cures in both customary and current treatment strategies. The Anardana juice helps in treating osteoarthritis, by abating the crumbling of ligament.

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