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American Ginseng P.E 4:1

  • American Ginseng P.E 4:1

Product Name: American Ginseng P.E 4:1

Botanic Name: Panax Quinquefolius


American ginseng is a light tan, gnarled root that often looks like a human body with stringy shoots for arms and legs. It was used traditionally by Native Americans as a stimulant and to treat headaches, fever, indigestion, and infertility. American ginseng is used to promote increased energy, decrease fatigue and improve memory. It may be useful in slowing the progression of Alzheimer disease. American ginseng lowers blood sugar in those with Diabetes. American ginseng root may prevent certain types of cancer and increases the effects of chemotherapy in breast cancer.

American ginseng roots can be made into a tonic that can boost the level of energy and help the body combat fatigue. It is good for the functioning of the adrenaline glands and is good for reducing physical and mental stress. Packed with antioxidant properties, ginseng is good for building up the immunity in the body. Health benefits of ginseng include disease fighting properties. Ginseng is used to treat circulatory problems, asthma, bronchitis and altitude sickness.

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