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Suttocide A

  • Suttocide A

Product Name: Suttocide A

Botanic Name: Suttocide A


Suttocide A is derived from the naturally-occurring amino acid Glycine.  A single preservative, Suttocide A is a broad-spectrum antimicrobial active against Gram-negative, Gram-Positive bacteria, yeast and molds. It has good anti-bacterial and anti-mold properties, but its weakest against yeast. Its antifungal and anti-mold activity is increased with a higher usage rate.  So you'll have better activity at 0.5% than 0.1% in your formulation.  It is synergistic with other preservatives, so it can be used with other preservatives, including those active against yeast and mold. Suttocide A is sold as 50% aqueous solution with a pH of 10-12.  Unlike many preservatives, Suttocide A is stable and active in alkaline conditions up to pH 12. It can also be used in acidic formulations as low as pH 3.5.  Due to its alkalinity, it can be used to neutralize acidic compounds (carbomers and other ingredients requiring neutralization) without any loss of antimicrobial activity.

Suttocide A is permanently listed by the EU at levels up to 0.5% active without restrictions. Suttocide A is a broad spectrum antimicrobial for use in shampoos and conditioners, when used at 0.1-0.2% (as supplied). This provides a safe and cost effective preservative system. Suttocide A is sold as a pH 10-12 aqueous solution and can be used to react with Stabileze® 06 or to neutralize carbomer to form stable clear gels without losing its antimicrobial activity. Suttocide A is synergistic with other preservatives. Suttocide A in combination with LiquaPar® Oil is particularly effective for preserving complex formulations. Suttocide A is stable and active up to pH 12 and can also be used in acidic conditions as low as 3.5, giving the formulator very broad pH flexibility as well as being able to adequately preserve alkaline products, e.g. soap bars.

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