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Sodium Lactate 60%

  • Sodium Lactate 60%

Product Name: Sodium Lactate 60%

Botanic Name: Sodium Lactate


Sodium Lactate Cosmetic Grade 60%  is the sodium salt of lactic acid, and has a mild saline taste. It is produced by fermentation of a sugar source, such as corn or beets, and then, by neutralizing the resulting lactic acid to create a compound having the formula NaC₃H₅O₃. It hydrates skin and prevents loss of moisture, commonly used as a humectant for skin and hair products. Used  as a water-binding and buffering agent to adjust a product’s pH value to harden soap, use at a rate of ½ oz. per lb. of fats in place of liquid glycerin as a moisturizer to make a less sticky cream or lotion. Sodium lactate has bacteriostatic properties; therefore, incorporating sodium lactate in cosmetic formulations can lead to more stability in bacterial growth. Sodium lactate can be used as pH regulator for toiletry products like bath foam and soap. Its humectant action can reduce the moisture loss during the storage of the products and prevent the occurrence of cracked surface.

Usage: 1% to 10%.

• Cosmetic Grade.

• Lighten complexion.

• It is used in personal care formulations to improve skin & scalp moisturization.

• Soluble in water and alcohol.

• Insoluble in oil.

• Acts as a Bacteriostatic agent when combined with a full spectrum preservative.

• Recommended use levels in a finished formulation is 1 - 2%.

• It is a pH control agent.

• Sodium Lactate is a combination of 60% Sodium Lactate and 40% Water.

• May be added to water phase with heat to ensure proper incorporation.

INCI: Sodium Lactate
Sodium Lactate 60%

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