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Rose Powder

  • Rose Powder

Product Name: Rose Powder

Botanic Name: Rosa Centifolia


Rose Petals helps to improve the complexion of skin. These help to reduce the heating sensation of skin. Rose Petals help to provide nourishment to heart and brain.Contains very high vitamin C. Acts as blood purifier.Useful in spiritual ritual for Love and Peacefulness.It is a tonic for the skin and has natural astringent properties. It is cooling in nature so relieves the heat of body.Supports peaceful emotional and happy heart feeling. Rose oil, rose water, ointments, and potpourri. Uses are very numerous and can be administered as a tea, poultice, bath herb, pillow mix, body spray, etc.

Origin: INDIA

Botanical Name: Rosa Centifolia.

Latin Name: Rosa Centifolia.

Family Name: Rosaceae.

Parts Used: Dried Rose Petals Milled into Powder.

Rose Powder

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